Proposed Recreation Barn at Shadow Rock Farm; Central Vermont

Vanecko, Ltd. is the architect for a proposed sustainable net-zero recreational facility featuring an indoor 75 ft. swimming pool natatorium, half-court basketball gymnasium, rock climbing silo, living spaces, and two-car garage.

  1. Design features an exposed steel-frame structural system with SIP exterior shell.

  2. Sustainable net-zero mechanical systems featured geothermal heating & cooling system, 75KW solar photovoltaic array, solar thermal panels, integrated HVAC/alarm/security controls, and emergency generator.

  3. Responsible for schematic design and design development.

  4. Coordination of consultants for civil, structural engineering, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and lighting, photovoltaic electric system design, audio/visual, control, security and networking, swimming pool systems.

Renderings: Vanecko, Ltd.

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