Renovations to Chesnut Hill Residence; Newton, MA

This 1950’s Split-level Ranch style home was completely renovated  and modernized by Vanecko, Ltd. for 21st Century living. The exterior design required approval from the Chestnut Hill Historic District and gives emphasis to the horizontal lines of the original ranch style while creating a contemporary appearance.

  1. Design features included a new kitchen, bathrooms, master suite, library and home office.

  2. Landscape features included stone retaining walls, a sub-surface drainage system and bluestone walkways.

  3. Mechanical systems include in-floor radiant heating, integrated HVAC systems.

  4. Responsible for historic district approvals, design and design development, permitting, construction documents and construction administration.

  5. Coordination of consultants for landscape architecture, civil and structural engineering, mechanical design.

Photos: Eric Swensen


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