Vanecko, Ltd. utilizes Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) methods in almost all of our work.  Integrated project delivery is a design process in which multiple disciplines and sometimes unrelated aspects of design are integrated in a manner that permits multiple benefits to be realized.

Integrated project delivery involves the participation of people from different design specialties (e.g. architecture, historic preservation, civil and structural engineering, HVAC, lighting, electrical, interior design, and landscape design) throughout the entire design process. By collaborating during all phases of the design, participants can provide highly efficient solutions at lower cost than when each discipline acts independently.

In an integrated project delivery approach for example, our mechanical engineer will calculate energy use and associated equipment costs early in the design, informing the designers of the energy-use implications of building orientation, configuration, fenestration, mechanical systems and lighting options, so that this information can be  incorporated into the design process.

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